The Simon Studio Philosophy for Actors, Writers, Directors, Artists and Thinkers for Training and Production (Since 1978) (Theatre and On Camera) WHERE THE CLASSICAL MEETS THE CONTEMPORARY!, (AUDIT)Call 212 841 0204 ($20_Special w/ FACEBOOK RSVP Regular Price $75), 250 w. 40 st.. Biography: (Coached/Trained/Director of:James Earl Jones, James Woods, John Lithgow, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson), Yale Rep, NY Shakespeare Fest, Royal Court, Simon Studio Presents: the Tennessee Williams, Festival, and Shakespeare's Bard @ The Bar Putting contemporary writers side be side with the classics, as well as actors with directors. The best training to help the artist grow is one night you're doing Pinter, or Williams, the next Shakespeare. New works loosens the language of the classics. The continual work on the classics also gives you a discipline and through that respect, it reinforces your respect in contemporary works.

Roger was a founding member at Yale Repertory Theatre in the 60's and instead of going "west" to Hollywood, which would have been commercially profitable, he went to England! At Yale, he had the extraordinary opportunity to listen to amazingly vibrant directors Stella Adler, Bobby Lewis, Jonathan Miller, to experience theatre companies like the Living Theatre, the Open Theatre, actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company, who came to perform. When he was invited to teach in London for a summer, He leapt at it and directed a play by Megan Terry called Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool Dry Place. When flags were used as bed spreads we were promptly arrested. England still had a censor in 1967. But all of a sudden Roger was invited to direct throughout Europe, principally the Royal Court Theatre (London), State Theatres in Denmark, Nancy Festival, Du Monde, at the Abbey Theatre and Edinburgh Festival. The world became much smaller. The Simon Studio is a direct result of his years directing. Actors don't have to create in a room all by themselves, directors, and writers should be there too. The Arts should be a common language, an inter-action.
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The Simon Studio Philosophy for Actors, Writers, Directors, Artists and Thinkers for Training and Production (Since 1978) (Theatre and On Camera) WHY SETTLE FOR a 2nd or 3rd GENERATION DISCIPLE OF MEISNER, STRASSBERG OR ADLER? 212 841 0204 The ($20_Special w/FACEBOOK RSVP Regular Price $75), WHERE THE CLASSICAL MEETS THE CONTEMPORARY!, The 30 years of experience, Actorfest, ADLER, Arthur Miller, AUDIT, The AUDITION, Backstage, The Bard at the Bar, The Biography, The Bread, The Chekhov, The Cinema, The Cooking, The Einstein, The Event, The FALL RISING, The food, James Earl Jones, James Woods, John Lithgow, John Travolta, The LAB CLASSES,The MEISNER, The Mozart, The Music, The NY Shakespeare Fest, The Open House, The Opera,The Pasta, The Portrait, The Poughkeepsie, The Radio Drama, The Resume, The Role Play, The Royal Court, Samuel L. Jackson, Shakespeare, Simon Studio Presents, The STRASBERG, The Struddel, The TENNESSEE WILLIAMS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WORKSHOP and PERFORMANCE... , ... Where ... Contemporary Meets ... Classical, ... WinterFest, ... The Yale Rep (PLUS)

RIP James Leaf

(Actor/Director: James Leaf)

WINGED VICTORY by #SarahLevineSimon

Dear Friends and Family, ​PLEASE JOIN US​!​ ​SARAH LEVINE SIMON's​ ​SPECIAL BOOK EVENT ​for ​her first novel WINGED VICTORY ​recently released by her publisher Black Opal Books. ​THE DRAMA BOOK SHOP, 250 W. 40 St., N.Y.C.​ ​TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19: 5 - 7 pm ​ ​5 pm: Presentation in the theatre 6 pm: Reception upstairs with refreshments ​PLEASE RSVP ​As many of you know, Sarah passed away July 4th. doing what she loved - writing and making art. ​Now the esteemed Drama Book Shop in NYC is giving Sarah a special Book Event to mark her book's release. ​ ​We want to celebrate and honor her with you that evening. ​ ​I cannot thank you enough for all the support you've given Sarah, me and my family over the years - ​ ​particularly over the past few months​ . ​ ​Sarah's book will be available at the Drama Book Shop and can also be purchased at Black Opal Books. (opera singer) and writer. She has appeared as a soloist throughout the United States and Europe, singing difficult soprano repertory such as Bach Cantata No. 51, Lukas Foss’s Time Cycle, and the lyric soprano operatic repertory. Writing began for the soprano as a way to access the literary texts she sang, and it led to her creating her own narratives. Writing credits include: Bernardo’s Farewell and Mouse Music, stories for actors and orchestra, produced with a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts, narrated by actress Tovah Feldshuh, among others. She has written two plays on commission for Plays for Living. The Portrait written as a radio play for National Public Radio in 1983 finally received a production by the Ad Lib theater company at Theater 54 in New York City to critical acclaim in 2014. She wrote, produced and sang as the “gourmet diva” in five musical videos to introduce classical music and have a little fun with it as well. In February of 2017, The Dressmaker’s Secret, a play co-written by Mihai Grunfeld received ​a critically acclaimed and sold out Off Broadway production at 59​E59 Theatres​ in New York City. With Winged Victory and Locked Out, she makes her debut as a novelist. Winged Victory BY: SARAH LEVINE SIMON In the late 1950s, Victory Povich, the Hearing daughter of a Deaf mother, is a young Jewish teenager floundering in school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Victory’s father, a Hearing man, has recently passed away, leaving Victory and her mother Esther almost destitute. To make matters worse, because Esther signs, she must now depend on Victory to translate. Victory translates for her own convenience and fails to tell her mother when she is in trouble at school. Some of Victory’s omissions lead to hilarious episodes, while others lead to her being the brunt of bullies, and a serious entanglement with the law occurs when Victory finds herself caught up in the burgeoning civil rights movement. Her father’s illness—and the persecution that Victory suffers, not only from being Jewish, but also from being the daughter of a Deaf woman—causes her to retreat into the world of books and imagination where she pretends she’s Nancy Drew, solving complex mysteries. Now Victory and her mother must find a way to survive when the whole world seems to be against them through no fault of their own.
​And Sarah's next three new novels will ​also soon ​ ​be released by her publisher in 2018 and 2019. ​Below is what Black Opal wrote on their website along with her bio and description of WINGED VICTORY. ​With much appreciation, ​Roger and Noah, Daniel and Abigail Simon. Sarah Levine Simon has enjoyed a dual career as a musician
Photo by Vincent Mentzel
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( Directed by Roger Hendricks Simon )

Having just completed a run in Oona O'Leary's Please Go Gentle Into That GoodNight at the Actors Theatre of Manhattan, Roger Hendricks Simon,with Blue Horse Director Lora Lee Ecobelli, brings Bard back to AotL. Now an annual event, Bard is scenes, stories and music from plays of the world's greatest playwright woven into an evening that develops anew each time - a theatrical collage. Seeing the performers from the Simon Studio and Ms. Ecobelli's classes for the first time two years ago, Kent Highway Superintendent Richard Othmer, who participated as "Bottom" in Midsummer Night's Dream, declaimed "These actors are serious."
(Actors) Lab/Class
Shakespeare TennesseWilliams ChekhovSamShepard


Nov. 29 - Dec. 16, 2017​
Join THE SIMON STUDIO as Roger Hendricks Simon directs you in an AGENT On-Camera Holiday Audition Lab Intensive now through December 16 featuring Theatre/Film/TV/Commercial Agents Barry Kolker and Albert Bramante. BARRY KOLKER (Carson-Kolker) In the business for 22 years, Barry handles Film, TV and Theater (credits – Broadway: Kinky Boots, Wicked, Annie, Phantom, Matilda, Bullets Over Broadway, The Lion King and Les Miz tours. - Television: Us and Them, Hostages, Deception, Orange is the New Black, Person of Interest, Law and Order: SVU, and Blue Bloods. - Films: Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, Rob The Mob, and Revenge of the Green Dragons). His clients work in regional theatres and he is currently looking for established actors/actresses with strong credits and triple threat performers, plus clients of ethnic diversity. ALBERT BRAMANTE (Emerging Talent) Emerging Talent LLC was founded in 2004 by Albert Bramante, with the mission of helping and supporting serious and talented performance professionals. (credits – Television: Pose, Law & Order SVU, Billions, Blue Bloods, Sweet Bitter, The Blacklist, Bull, Homicide City – Film: Shadow Girl, The Perfect Murder, Nigerian Prince). His talent roster is always growing and he is always on the look out for new clients. Emerging Talent originally started as a management company and since that time, they have placed clients in commercials, numerous print campaigns, one-act plays, films, industrials, voiceovers, and episodic projects.  The Simon Studio invites you to join these agents AND Director/Coach ROGER HENDRICKS SIMON (N.Y. Shakespeare Festival, Yale Rep, London's Royal Court Theatre, film/TV) as they direct and teach THE SIMON STUDIO HOLIDAY ON-CAMERA LAB INTENSIVE only through December 16th. Both agents will give artistic and business feedback. Resident and guest directors, writers and industry guests work along side you in audition technique – contemporary and Shakespeare scenes, monologues, and cold readings on-camera. Actors will be selected by an audit of the class to work a monologue audition with Mr. SIMON, and his staff. Earliest audit date preferable: Wed., Nov. 29: 6 pm or Sat., Dec. 2: 3:30 pm or Wed., Dec. 6 pm. Limited space and only a few openings remain. Audit fee: $40. (included into the $195 Intensive fee for those accepted). Training Lab sessions between Nov. 29 - Dec. 16 culminating with final performance and agent feedback on these nights: Wed., Dec. 13: Barry Kolker, attending Agent Sat., Dec. 16: Albert Bramante, attending Agent All fees include copies of on-camera work. STAGE BUDDY THEATRE REVUE of recent SIMON STUDIO LAB WORK - 12/19/16: "The renowned industry actor and teacher Roger Hendricks Simon brings the best to the stage in his regular SIMON STUDIO Performance events. The acting is on a par with the best of any Off-Broadway production, both entertaining and intoxicating and where art is the true star. Anyone wishing to hone their craft or nurture their acting skills of just simply in need of watching the highest level of acting the way its supposed to be done, should make every effort to attend these events at SIMON STUDIO."

For an appointment or for further info: 917.776.9209 or